3 Life Lessons Life Insurance Can Teach Millennials

Oh, the plight of the poor Millennial! And we’re not talking “poor” due to a mountain of college debt (stereotype #46). We’re simply talking about the “poor Millennials” as a collective group of folks born between 1980 and 2000-ish, who are arguably our modern-day’s most scrutinized and criticized generation.

Often scorned by older generations as pumpkin spiced latte guzzling, everything on-demand, whiny, self-important softies. Surely like ALL stereotypes, the distortion and misrepresentation of ALL Millennials as entitled, self-centered and shallow does NOT accurately represent an entire generation.

Plus, we’re certainly not here to judge – your RightQuote team is actually chock-full of Millennials – but instead we’re here to use some of those typical Millennial stereotypes to share a few valuable life lessons that life insurance can teach us.

And just like that, somehow we’ve all been catapulted into adulthood in what seems like the blink of an eye. But now that you’re here, what’s next? What are your first priorities? What do you need and want from the “real world”? We’re just going to venture a wild guess that a sparkling-new whole life insurance policy doesn’t top your list of most-desired purchases this year. But we’re here to share a few very eye-opening lessons that may change how you think about life… and life insurance.


  1. Self-centered & self-love are not the same. The more life experience we have (aka the older we get), most of us eventually have that ah-ha moment when we realize life isn’t all about ME. Maybe you’re in the honeymoon phase with your sweetie or have a brand-new baby. Maybe you have three cats or a cranky old aunt that depends on you; whoever or whatever it is, there comes a time when we realize those in our circle are our priority. And we all want to protect our priorities, right?


So here’s where we connect the dots: life insurance is not about YOU. Life insurance is about your priorities, the people you care about and what happens to them after you’re gone. You buy life insurance to support those around you, in case the worst happens.


Still don’t believe us? Repeat these statements a few times:

  • The value of my life is about what it means to others and the difference I make in this world.
  • My life is worth more than money. Period.
  • I love myself and my life, it’s all part of a much bigger picture.
  • I’m here for so much more than money and success.


Didn’t realize you’d get a little therapy out of this life insurance discussion?! Probably because that normally falls under your health insurance… but we digress.


  1. Hard decisions are a part of life. For the millions of This Is Us fans out there, purchasing life insurance may feel a bit like you’re playing a round of “worst case scenario” with Beth and Randall. You’re literally discussing your own death (and all the what-ifs that come with that) AND what you want to happen – or at least how much money you want to leave your loved ones – after you’re gone.

As if that’s not enough, you’re required to put an actual dollars and cents figure to your own life by way of selecting a pay-out amount for your life insurance policy. What sheer madness does this feel like, to think of our own worth as numbers on an insurance policy?

Those are hard discussions. There’s nothing soft about it, or you, when it comes to planning for worst case scenarios.


  1. Plan for the future, now & often, things will change. In the famous words of Benjamin Franklin “…in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” We all know that life is full of uncertainties – that’s what makes it so fun – but we can and must make plans for the future, the what-ifs and the what-nows, when life does throw us a curveball.

Yet we can’t and don’t want fear to control our lives or our decisions. And we certainly don’t want you to spend all your hard earned dollars going overboard on life insurance trying to cover every scenario. But we do want you to plan ahead to protect who and what is most important to you.


As vital as planning ahead is, a routine inventory of your life and current situation is just as vital. Reviewing that whatever was best 10 years ago is still best now; looking at how your financial situation, family, career, etc. has changed over time. Our team at RightQuote is here to help you assess your current situation and make recommendations regarding if things look A-OK or if making some tweaks makes sense. Just drop our trusted advisors a line to get started!

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