Recreational Coverage

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You’ve worked hard to afford some well-deserved fun; make sure you have the appropriate coverage to protect it all! Whether it’s a boat, RV, motorcycle or some other grown up toy, we can help you determine the right type of insurance policy to protect your investment and your weekend plans. Learn more about the most common types of recreational insurance or just get some ideas for your next purchase!

RV Insurance

A recreational vehicle (RV) is all about your free time. You don’t need to worry about dealing with airlines, rental cars or hotel rooms. You can decide when to go, where to go and, best of all, how long it will take you to get to your destination.

However, are you sure you have adequate RV insurance? Unfortunately, many RV’ers don’t take the time to adequately insure their home away from home. A common practice for RV owners is to insure their RV under their current auto policy instead of purchasing a separate motorhome insurance policy. Take the time to read what and how much is covered under your auto policy. To insure proper and adequate coverage, consider adding separate RV insurance coverage to your current auto policy.

Motorcycle Insurance

You might be new motorcycle owner or you might be an enthusiast with years of riding experience. But, one thing that’s consistent across the board is the importance of having the right motorcycle policy to meet your needs.

There are a variety of motorcycle policy options; let our RightQuote team explain the different liability limits; comprehensive, collision, uninsured motorist and medical coverage, in addition to the various deductible options available to you.

Boat Insurance

There is nothing better than being out in your own boat on the open water. However, practicing safe boating and having the right insurance policy is critical to you and your passengers well-being as well as your craft.

Boat insurance is similar to your car insurance and can help protect you in the same way. As with car insurance, this policy protects you against liability and damage in the event of an accident. However, since boats have different features than your car, our team can help ensure you have the coverage you need. Plus, boat insurance may differ depending on the type of craft you own.

ATV Insurance

Whether you’re a full-time rancher or part-time adventure seeker, make sure you and your all-terrain vehicle (ATV), utility vehicle (UTV), or side-by-side are protected.

Snowmobile Insurance

Riding a snowmobile is a rip-roaring and fun winter pastime, but will come with its share of risks — especially when you’re sledding at high speeds or high-elevation with little to no visibility in snowy weather.

Looking for a custom solution?

We’re always looking to help clients improve their workflow and financials of their business. If you’re looking for something more custom, or tailored towards a particular niche or vertical, we can help. We’ll work with you to create a plan bespoke to your unique needs. Give us a call and we’ll carve out the perfect plan for you.